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A new direction.

Twisted Tree Media is streamlining services to Business and Individuals in IT and Design. Providing solutions to businesses that want to get past obstacles and reach their goals. Offering everything that a business would need to start up or remodel themselves. We offer website design and basic marketing along with hosting at competitive price points, scalable to what you need.

You can find out more about our web design services at the ‘Website design’ Page.

Networking for Business.

ubiquity home install
An example of the standard of networking you should expect for the Home or business.

We can also focus on networking within your premises. Wether it’s a shop, a warehouse or anything in-between, we have solutions to what you need. Hard wired networking for speed and reliability or Wireless Access Points to give you the best cover where you need it. We’re always aiming for speed and more importantly, security in what is the age of cyber attacks.

Take a look at our ‘Home & Business Networking‘ page for more information.

Business Workstations

So you’ve got a website but you’ve got no infrastructure to maintain your business. We can hep you with that too. Building custom workstations for exactly what you need. Wether it’s a single user who just needs and computer to update a blog, online store or conduct research, to a whole network of computers with individual roles. One group of computers for research, and another group of computers for video editing, 3D rendering or CAD. We also build servers for what you need, anywhere from small hidden units for computer backups to large enterprise style rack servers for a data centre. We can advise to make the most of your budget.

Not a business? That’s fine. We can supply the home too.

We offer the same services for the home. Need to improve the connectivity of your house? We can design, supply and install everything to improve your home WiFi or Wired capability.

Check out what else we’re offering for the home.

  • Custom built gaming PC’s.
  • Network Attached Servers (NAS).
  • Media Centres.
  • CCTV systems (PoE only).

You can find out more about our PC building on the ‘Custom Built PC’s‘ Page.


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